Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friends in the Garden


Our fat cat Lola watching Jack
Other than those pesky aphids, who will soon meet their doom as soon as our ladybugs arrive, we have a few other visitors to our garden every year. One is a little chipmunk, that I named Jack, who lives under our porch. He actually lived in our crawl space when we first bought our house, but my husband sealed up his little tunnel and relocated him outside. Now he lives under the porch. I know they are supposed to be garden pests, but he doesn't bother the beds, that I've noticed, and he's just so darn cute. I see him almost every evening. Our cat knows he's out there because she always plants herself in front of the sliding glass door and her tail flips furiously as he scurries back and forth. The other day, the cat the dog and the kid were all line up with faces planted to the glass, and Jack on the other side just staring back. Andrew said when he was watering he saw two, so maybe Jack has a friend (or maybe he is a she and has a baby). I don't know if chipmunks hibernate, but I only ever remember seeing him in the spring, and it's something I look forward to every year.
Next to our back porch we have a monstrous butterfly bush which has just bloomed. It SO pretty and sometimes it just gets covered with butterflies. I should get a book or something so I can start identifying the different species. I can see it from the window above our sink, which is really nice when I'm doing the dishes.

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