Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buying in Bulk

The meat took up the entire freezer

I often buy my grains in bulk, and my honey too (honey has no expiration date as long as it is kept in airtight containers, otherwise it will ferment), but since getting the freezer from my parents, Andrew and I decided to buy some meat in bulk. A person can be put in a really difficult situation when they feel it is very important to eat hormone free beef, but the cost of it is so high compared to regular beef. Especially since Isabelle eats what we do now. At the grocery store I can buy standard ground beef on sale for as low as 1.99 per pound. Hormone free, depending on where I buy it from (this involves another choice because it's cheaper at Earth Fare, but much further to drive) anywhere from 3.85 per pound up to 7.99 per pound. Since we made the switch to hormone free beef, we don't even eat steaks or stew meat anymore because it's always at least 6 dollars per pound. One of the solutions we've come up with is to just eat less meat entirely, cutting back our beef consumption to just once or twice a week. While this had been really good for our health, we still look for every opportunity to save money when we can, and the opportunity presented itself in the form of a cow. A local farmer whose meat is hormone free, and whose cattle is allowed to graze, was selling them by the half or by the whole for 2.75 per pound. That is for all cuts, steaks, stew, ground, all of it. We agreed on half, which ended up being about 250 pounds of meat. This is more than enough to get us through the whole year. All of the meat was packaged for us and even delivered to us. Now I will learn how to cook parts of the cow I never used before, like the liver. Anyone have a good recipe for liver?

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