Monday, May 2, 2011

We are OK

Wednesday April 27 was a very scary night where we live. We spent much of the night in the basement hoping a tornado wouldn't come. We were very lucky that night. Our house was spared, and the worse we suffered was being without power for a few days.  So many houses, and lives were not. As I've written before, Chattanooga, and the TN valley are not considered part of tornado alley, but we do see them every year, and they are more dangerous here because you can't usually see them coming because of the trees and mountains. Also, we don't have tornado sirens around here. Sadly, many people were under the misconception that the mountains block tornadoes, but as I think everyone learned Wednesday, that is so not the case.

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  1. Hi Amy! I just discovered you from a comment you made on Down to Earth...I was so happy to finally find another Tennessean! I live in Knoxville, and yes, it was scary Wednesday night. We got hit with golfball sized hail, and we are fine although the garden suffered a bit. It's trying to recover, though. I hope we can email or something and exchange resources here in TN!