Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shoes at my door

When my husband and I first got married (about five years ago) his mother gave us a tiny pair of gold colored shoes and said to put the somewhere in our house pointing at the front door. I did so (because when you are first married you want to be polite to the in-laws) and didn't think anything about it. It's a tradition in their family and it's not supposed bring riches or anything, but to keep you from going under. Every time we moved, I would put those little shoes in the living room on the entertainment center facing the front door. I never really gave them much thought over the years, and while we've never been wealthy, we've always been able to pay our bills and feed ourselves. A couple of months ago, we purchased new furniture for the living room. We had to move all the old stuff out the day before. I moved the shoes into the kitchen for the time being. The new furniture came, but I forgot to put the shoes back. Within a week, my husband was laid off from his day job for lack of business, and the restaurant he worked weekend night at closed. We were rapidly going through our savings, trying to figure out what to do. His mother and aunt came to visit form California (to see the baby not us of course), and one night his aunt said "I moved your shoes back into the living room for you, I noticed they were out of place." Within another week, my husband's job called him back, and he also got hire on at another restaurant that is actually only four minutes from our house (as opposed to the fifteen he was driving before). I will never move those little shoes again!