Friday, June 10, 2011

Repotting the Aloe Vera

original aloe

old aloe in new pot

new aloe

new aloe in old pot
Aloe Vera is something I think everyone should have. It's super easy to take care of, and nothing better works for soothing and healing minor cuts and burns. Just put it in a sunny windowsill and water when the soil starts looking dry. We had ours in our kitchen window, but it was just getting too big for the pot it was in. Then, on Freecycle (Freecycle is a website where members can post things they would like to give away, or request items they need. It's a way too keep usable things from ending up in the landfill.) someone posted they had aloe plants to give away, so I asked for one. Yesterday, I moved our existing plant into a bigger pot and relocated it to the bakers rack by the sliding glass door, and put the new baby plant in the windowsill using the pot the other aloe plant was in.

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