Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn Aphids

 This is the damage done to our potatoes in just a weeks time by a hoard of aphids. They all of a sudden have turned up everywhere, They are on the lemon balm and parsley, as well as the butterfly bush and honeysuckle. The potatoes have seemed to take the worst of it though. Curiously, they haven't yet touched and of the other vegetables. Maybe because of the garlic and onions? I've read that those plants can deter pests, but I don't know if Aphids are included. To combat them, we have ordered an army of ladbugs (3,000 of them) and hopefully they will arrive in time. No where in Chattanooga sells live ladybugs, so we ordered them from Amazon  using some rewards points. They actually ended up being free. An adult ladybug can eat of to 80 Aphids a day. I think the onslaught might have come after our neighbor sprayed his yard. All the his pest migrated to our nice pesticide free yard. Damn Aphids.

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