Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coming Along Nicely (Mostly)

Pictures of the things we are growing. I know the yard really needs to be mowed and it's obvious in these pictures, but that's one of my least favorite outdoor activities, Besides, it takes both me and Andrew being home during daylight hours so one of us can watch Isabelle, and nice weather. Very unusual. Speaking of nice weather, I can't get over just how gorgeous it is today. It's only in the 60's and breezy, with lots of sunshine. Now this is what I call spring weather. Save the eighty plus stuff for summertime. I have the windows open and as soon as Isabelle wakes up from her nap, we are headed outside.

I am amazed at how well these potatoes are doing in these containers. This is great because next year we will probably do them in an area of the yard we can't dig in. That's where the septic lines run. I can't wait to see if using this method really does produce more potatoes.
I started these pepper plant from seed. They are doing very well. Looking rather perky after yesterday's nice rain. I say nice because that's all it was - rain. A refreshing downpour with no nasty side affects. No raging winds or dangerous lighting. I love those kinds of rains.
I can't get over how quickly radishes grow. They can go from seeds to your mouth in about a month. I just planted these from seed about twenty days ago, and they will be ready for harvest in about a week and a half. They make a good space saver crop. When these come up, beans will go in their place.
This is the first time I've ever grown onions. They are looking pretty good, though they have come up sporadically in the bed. I have an onion here and and onion there.
The garlic, however, is growing in a nice pretty row. This is first time I have done garlic too. I use it in almost everything, though, so it seemed worthwhile to try growing it myself.
My tomato plants are also looking happier after yesterday's rain. One of them even has gotten a little bloom started on it. This year I am growing brandywine.
Both the parsley and the basil are really taking off. The parsley is looking a bit wild. I will probably cut a bunch soon and hang it to dry
Unfortunately my apple tree is not faring so well. The caterpillars have eaten the heck out of it. I don't even know if we will get any apples, because we lost our other tree last summer in a storm. Sad.
But we will definitely have pears. Our pear tree has a tendency to flower really early, because we get what I call pretend spring days where it will get really warm, and then the temperature drops again. We almost always loose most of the blooms to a frost and only get a handful of pears. Not this year though!
The honeysuckle has started to bloom. I love the smell of them, especially in the evening time sitting on the back deck watching Isabelle play. We have two different kinds growing on our fence. One is a slow grower, but produces those fantastic orange flowers that cover the plant. The other is very vigorous (I have to cut it back several times a year) and produces smaller whiter flowers. On  this one, the leaves turn a lovely deep burgundy color during the winter.

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