Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Yesterday I finished knitting a scarf and matching hat for Isabelle. (Actually the hat was crotched) Of Course, yesterday with the heat index included it reached 108 degrees F here. A Bit of wishful thinking? For sure. It is going to be even worse out there today. We are forcasted a heat index of 110 with humidity reaching 77%. That kind of weather just sucks the life out of you when you go outside. Sweating doesn't cool you down because the air is so saturated the sweat can't really evaporate, so you sit there and soak in your own juices. It makes it harder because there are things outside I really need to get done (weeds are taking over!) and Isabelle is going stir crazy. I usually get in an hour or two in the evening before the sun goes down. It least by this point, though it's still really hot, the sun is behind the trees so you don't quite feel like you are frying. Now I know that while I complain about the heat, exactly six months from now I will be sitting at my computer writing a post about how cold it is and how I wish it would hurry up and get warm. What I really wish is that we could just have spring and fall. Spring is warm and pretty (though I could do without tornadoes) filled with flowers and baby animals, and fall is cool and crisp and filled with pumpkins and crunchy leaves and windy days. But I know, that in the greater scheme of things winter and summer are as necessary as spring and fall and we probably wouldn't have the latter without the former. So for the next few weeks I will stay mostly indoors and knit scarves while dreaming about cooler days.

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