Friday, July 15, 2011

Thanks Grandma

This is my grandmother's sewing machine. It's what she taught me to sew on, and hopefully what I will be able to teach Isabelle to sew on. My grandmother raised seven children. My grandpa was in the air force, so they didn't have much money. A lot of toys were made and clothes sewn with this machine.She bought it in 1976 and talks about it the way some people talk about major appliance purchases. I guess for her it was. It still works really well and amazingly she has managed to keep up with all of the plates and needles and other parts that go along with it. She even has the owners manual.  The table it sits on was made for her by my grandpa and sits low. It's the perfect height for sewing. My birthday is next week and as an early present, while her and my grandpa were visiting, they gave it and practically the rest of her sewing room to me. She will be 80 soon and she has severe arthritis in her hands so she is unable to do much anymore. I always used to wonder why out of all of my sisters (I have three) I was the only one interested in learning all the things my grandma wanted to teach us. She tried so hard with all of us to teach us baking and sewing and knitted, but I am the only one that took to it. Well, now I have a great new - old sewing machine that works better than the brand new one I bought a few years ago. Thanks Grandma!


  1. I have a Dressmaker machine that my Uncle gave me for my High School Graduation (1982) and it's a real work horse - heavy but will handle any job. I pull it out when I want to work with really heavy fabrics as my newer White Quilter's Star just doesn't like to work with those fabrics. I'm sure your Grandma's machine will still be around when your daughter is grown - old machine's never die.

  2. Yes I hope so. I usually have to mend my husbands pants by hand because my other machine can't handle the super thick denim. I look foward to trying it out on this one. I bet it is up to the job.