Thursday, May 5, 2011

Innocence of Being Two

 Isabelle will be two in August, just three short months away. I don't know how that happened so quick. I swear I just had her last week. Yesterday, watching her play outside, I couldn't help but think about what her life must be like in her two year old eyes. So simple and yet at the same to so full of wonder. She's fascinated with the mock wild strawberries (Duchesnea indica) that grow all over the yard. She loves to pick them and smash them between her fingers. She also gets great joy from blowing the dandelions that have gone to seed. What must it be like to have no real worries, no to do list? She doesn't yet know a thing about money. She isn't worried about the safety of her community, or the effects of global warming. Gas prices mean nothing to her. Nothing to fear, no pain - except the occasional boo boo -but anything can be made better with hugs and kisses. I realize not every two year old is lucky enough to have this carefree type of existence. I want this to last for her as long as possible. Most of us don't remember being two. My earliest memories start around five or six I think. One of my biggest fears, is what kind of world there is out there for her. I think about what is was like when I was born and how much has changed. I was born in 1985. Back then my parents didn't have cell phones or a home computer. Never mind HD and Internet. Not that all of these innovations are bad, Thanks to some of them I am sitting here writing this blog. But I can't help but be uncomfortable with all of the technology invading our lives. I yearn for a simpler way of life, not just for myself, but for everybody. I feel like we are all being consumed by the pressures of today's consumer society. Is she going to feel like less because when she starts school she doesn't have the latest version of the I-phone? I hope not. I really hope she will understand and appreciate our values. I know as hard as you try, your children don't always become what you think or hope they will be. I am prime example. My parents look at me as someone they used to know. They aren't sure how to talk to me. Mostly it's because they don't understand me, or what I believe, and I don't know how to make them. I think, that with all of the communication technology out there, we have lost how to communicate with each other. It's something I will have to actively work at as she grows up, because it's not something I ever learned.
  But for now, I am happy to just watch her be carefree and two. I think this is what people are searching for. Somewhere in their subconscience they remember a time when life was easy. That is the ultimate goal isn't it? But can we ever get there again? Can we ever get back the innocence of being two?

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