Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Old Freezer

Andrew and I have been talking for a while now about getting a separate freezer to keep in the basement. We freeze a lot of our produce from the garden, and sometimes Andrew's dad goes hunting, and we get half of the deer. In our kitchen we have a pretty decent sized freezer attached to our fridge - it's one of those that is a drawer at the bottom as opposed to on the top - but it still fills up quickly. I mentioned this to my parents one day a few weeks ago, and then a few days ago, my dad called and said they were replacing theirs and wanted to know if we wanted their old one. I, of course, said yes. The one they gave us is an upright freezer, which I wanted but thought we couldn't afford, that they have had as long as I can remember. They bought it used in 1990 for 100 bucks, and it's still in great condition today. My parents never had any trouble out of it, and aside from a few scratch and dents (what can you expect out of an appliance that's more that 20 years old?) There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I gave it a good scrub, and as soon as Andrew moves it to its permanent home in our basement, we will plug it up and start freezing! I'm really thrilled because now we can also buy our meat in bulk. We've already been in contact with a local farmer and we are planning on purchasing half of a cow from him. Best of all, it was completely free!

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