Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Extra Padding

Okay, so I have to admit that my jeans are fitting a bit more snug these days. In fact, I fear that if I don't manage to loose a few pounds I might not fit into my winter clothes! And I guess with the temperatures flirting with fifty (thanks to TS Lee!) I better get a move on. I'm not a person who generally worries about weight. I probably weigh more than I should, but I feel healthy and have no trouble enjoying my life, so I don't really pay it much mind. You see I have a weakness, and it's name is bread. And ever since I starting making sourdough, I can't stop. I also am a non-believer in artificial things (butter, sweetener, etc.) so I guess some of the things I eat are probably higher in calories. When I had a full time job outside the house I was always moving and on my feet. Not that I sit around all day by any means, I just have more opportunities for a sneak of bread here, or some homemade cookies there. I love to bake. Ugh..getting hungry just writing this post! And I guess since Isabelle is two now, I can't really use the "just had a baby" thing anymore. Last fall I was walking routinely at the park. Isabelle has since decided she doesn't like to ride in her stroller, but maybe I can convince her. We'll see.

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