Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garbage Galore

This topic really should fall under .."thing my parents just don't get"....I was at my parents house this weekend, we had family from Louisiana visiting, and as I arrived, the garbage truck came and picked up their trash. Since I was there, I rolled the cans to the house for them. While trying to maneuver the giant can into the special fenced area they have for their cans, I began to think about the amount of garbage that come out of that house. Inside their kitchen they have a huge garbage can, that comes about waist high and has a domed lid, and they take it out daily or at least every other day. They only have three people living there (although I will give that they keep my niece after school during the week and there is almost all ways extra people on the weekends). At my house we have one small 10 gallon can under the sink, which we take out every couple of days and we only put our can on the street every other week, sometimes every three weeks. The reason for the difference, I think is in two parts. One is we recycle. Anything and everything that can be recycled goes from plastic and glass to cardboard and mixed papers. Second, is most of what we use doesn't come wrapped in a bunch of trash. And as I'm typing this I realize how self approving I must sound, but really I'm just trying to vents my frustrations. My parents don't get it. They don't feel the need to recycle. It's too much of a hassle for them. Curbside recycle is not free where we are, and they don't feel like it's something worth paying for. My dad likes to garden a bit. He grows some tomatoes and peppers, and that's about it. But every spring he spends loads of money on bagged soils. I tried to explain composting to him, but he just nodded along like I was speaking a different language. We compost almost everything..with the exception of meat scraps and anything greasy. More and more I have come to realize my parents just don't get me.

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