Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Five Year Plan

My husband and I bought our first house together with the intentions of fixing it up and selling it (hopefully for a profit) or maybe look into renting it out. It was a great opportunity for us at the time, it was a foreclosure, but still in livable conditions. We didn't have the money or know how to do a true flip. We figured it would give us time, and in the future we would invest in land and build our dream house. We gave ourselves a five year time frame. Well, four and a half years later....we've managed to get the place painted. Finally, though, we are making some real progress. This week, we had new, energy efficient windows installed, and a new roof put on the place. Tomorrow we get new gutters, and in the spring, if the rest of the money we have set aside doesn't have to support us through the winter (my husband is a brick mason), then we will get new floors. The funny thing is, now that we are finally making improvements on the place, I am really starting to like it after all. But, that's the way it goes I guess.

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