Friday, June 18, 2010

New Friends

             As I've mentioned before, I take my daughter to the park every morning (weather permitting). The exercise is good for me, and the fresh air good for both of us. We've been going for nearly three months now, and I dare say we are considered among the 'regulars'. Every day there are several individuals keeping up the same morning routine as me, so now, with stopping to say hello and chat, what used to take me a little over an hour, now takes me almost two. I'm not complaining. There is an older gentleman who walks every day wearing khaki pants, whit t-shirt and a cap. He usually has a younger male companion, and two ladies trailing behind him. He always says hello and comments in a playful way that my baby is not wearing any shoes (she never does, because she won't keep them on now that she can reach her feet.) He also always calls her a 'he' no matter how much pink she's wearing. It's okay though. The is also a British lady who walks her beautiful weimaraner. She's always see me near the end, when Isabelle has fallen asleep and her usual comment is "good morning! sacked out again is she?" There is another older gentleman who always wears the same red and blue plaid shirt and walks with a can. I think it must take him hours to walk the four miles because he goes so slow, and stops at every bench because he's out of gas". I say good for him for being out there at all. And there is one other lady whom I see every day walking her little black pug. The're a friendly bunch of folk, and though I don't know any of their names, I would consider them friends.

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